Partnership with PropertyMeld

Partnership with PropertyMeld
We are excited to announce our partnership with PropertyMeld as a means to enhance our customers experience with New Heights Property Management.  Management. Read More

How to Profitably Manage Your Own Rental Properties

Managing your own rental property can be hard and is a significant time investment. So take a vacation from worrying about how your property is doing, ease your pain, and prevent any mischief at your rental properties. Listen... Read More

How We Determine Your Rental Price

Check out our website: Read More

How Does New Heights Market Your Property???

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3 Landlord Mistakes to Avoid With Your Rental Property

There are three common mistakes that we see landlords make that end up costing them a lot of money over the term of them owning a rental property. I want to share those three mistakes with you so perhaps you can avoid those mistak... Read More

Do You Need a Property Manager

As an owner of rental properties you might be sitting there thinking do I even need a property manager? And the answer is - That depends.It depends on how much time you want to invest in overseeing that rental property. It depends... Read More
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